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Flash Fiction Friday – Devil’s Bargain

I wasn’t really planning to do the flash fiction challenge this week. I have been seriously lacking in motivation. I thought about it a bit though. It has been cold here. This morning, this story was there. The prompt: In a Blizzard   She stumbled through snow that was knee deep and rapidly getting deeper. […]

Flash Fiction Friday – A Journey

I struggled with this a bit. It’s 1030 words and took me 90 minutes. I think I could probably trim it in editing to be under a thousand words. Prompt – For this week, write about a journey. And for bonus points, make it by train.   The winter wind cut whipped my hair around […]

Flash Fiction Friday 1/11/2019

The Flash Fiction Friday prompt this week offered 6 locations and 6 things in a little table. I rolled 2d6 and came up with either a dark lake and a folded sheet of paper or a quiet suburb and onion rings. I probably should have designated which d6 was location and which was the thing […]