Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In Row80 – Week 9, Wednesday Check In

Row80 – Week 9, Wednesday Check In

Sometimes I wonder if I have hoarder tendencies. I’m a big fan of minimalism in theory but in practice when it comes time to give things up, I struggle with the weirdest things. We live in an RV and the small space living means that I need to be pretty ruthless about decluttering. Somehow, stuff keeps piling up. Today, my project was the cabinet above the table and the files of old paperwork.

Repair invoices for a vehicle we no longer have? Toss. A pile of very old cell phones, a kindle that won’t charge unless you hold the cord in place, and a tangle of cords we haven’t used in probably a year? Offered to a person on craigslist looking for e-waste for donations/projects. Notes on loose leaf paper stuffed into a folder for writing projects that have since been abandoned or finished ? Scanned or typed. No problem.

Then I hit a snag. Partially used notebooks and last year’s planner. I can pull the information I need out of them, scan it, and toss the rest, right? But…but…sniffle. They’re good notebooks. They are. Why can’t I keep them? Because I don’t have much extra space and I’m not using them. Be logical. There’s no reason they can’t go. They’re in the trash now but it was an emotional struggle. Weird, right? I don’t usually buy new notebooks anymore and a planner would have to be pretty special to get me to buy it because I switched to bullet-journal style planning in a rocketbook to scan all of my stuff and then just wipe it clean but I miss paper sometimes. 

Writing Progress:

  • Monday – 333 SGA fanfic, 1215 nonficton
  • Tuesday – 877 fiction, 1121 nonfiction
  • Wednesday – 959 nonfiction

I’ve been thinking about my goals for next round too. I’m definitely planning to have a word range amount for the fiction and a clear indicator of when the lowest amount is okay. I also want to incorporate more focus. Right now, my fiction is spread over a bunch of projects and I randomly start new stuff when the urge strikes. I’d like to focus in a bit more and have a goal to actually finish a few long-ish short stories. I need to think about how many is realistic.

2 thoughts on “Row80 – Week 9, Wednesday Check In”

  1. I totally get the emotional connection to random items. One of my overarching goals for this year is to declutter the house. In order to get to it, but not get overwhelmed by the breadth of the project or the emotions attached I’ve been getting rid of only five items a day. For some reason the limited number helps. It took me four days to make all the decisions I needed to on which pens to keep in my desk drawer. It’s at a solid ten, and only the ones I really enjoy writing with, but getting rid of the rest took some energy/convincing!

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I really like the idea of getting rid of 5 items a day. Do you keep a donation box or toss them?

      I attack the pens a few times a year but I love a good pen. Also, they might be prone to accidentally jumping in my purses at places like banks and doctor’s offices. I’m not sure how that happens.

      For me, decluttering is an ongoing project too. One of the things I do is to put stuff away in a way that it’s not easily accessible and if I don’t need to dig in the container in a few months, I donate it without looking at it again. When I put it away, I tell myself, “if you need it, it will be here.” Donating the box later never produces much of a reaction because I don’t even remember what is in there.

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