Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 9, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 9, Sunday Check In

I don’t really have much to say. I’ve been writing. That’s something. I started using coach.me and checking in when I do my goals, including my writing goals.

I’m in the middle of a 5-day stretch of working every day at the in-person job. I’m covering for someone’s vacation. I know normal people work 5-day work weeks all the time but it’s not normal for me and my brain has been feeling fried. My pain levels have spiked and I’m having trouble keeping ahead of them. The desk chair there isn’t kind to my back and at home, I can put my feet up or work from different positions, even standing if needed. The especially cold weather (high on Sunday: 12 degrees Fahrenheit) does not help the pain levels at all. I know it will improve later this week though so there’s an end in sight.

Monday – 333 SGA fanfic, 1215 nonficton (paid)

Tuesday – 877 fiction, 1121 nonfiction (paid)

Wednesday – 959 nonfiction (paid)

Thursday – 1623 fiction – Mostly narrative form planning, telling a scene but not describing it in detail.

Friday – 1109 SGA Fanfic

Saturday – 1001 words nonfiction (dog blog)

Sunday – 478 SGA Fanfic

  • 4420 total words fiction
  • 4296 total words nonfiction
  • 8716 total words this week

Other check ins are over on the ROW80 Facebook Page and the Blog.

2 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 9, Sunday Check In”

  1. There’s a lot to be said for getting the writing in, especially when your other commitments have ratcheted up, and you’re dealing with pain issues. I used coach.me when I was trying to get back into a writing habit, and it really helped. Hope you’re feeling better soon, and keep up the good work!

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      Thank you!

      I recently read, “Dear Writer, You Need to Quit” by Becca Syme and it talks about things to keep in your life, things to question, and what you might need to let go of doing. People outside of my life might not think my writing is important because I’m not published but it matters to me, to my mental health if nothing else. I’ve been trying to shift my priorities to make the writing one of the things that usually gets done.

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