Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 7, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 7, Sunday Check In

My week went mostly okay. I couldn’t settle into the Flash Fiction Friday prompt so I skipped it. Fiction ended up just over 3000 words, not quite at my 3500 goal. I also didn’t write every day. I’m starting to feel like I need a reason not to write and I like that feeling. It will keep me sitting down with the keyboard if at all possible Saturday it just wasn’t happening.

Friday afternoon, a migraine aura hit. I scrambled for my meds but I wasn’t fast enough or maybe I was just unlucky. Pills need to stay in my stomach to do me any good.

Next, I called the IV place. They have a package called “the hangover” that is a 1 liter bag loaded with a combo of Zofran, Toradol, and B-vitamins. I suspect it does work pretty well for hangovers but it is also a miracle cure in a bag for migraines. Unfortunately, they didn’t have an available last minute appointment.

I ended up in urgent care trying to convince them that no, I am not a drug seeker. Eventually, they gave me the anti-nausea shot I requested, allowed my to take one of my own pain meds, and finally let me go home.

Saturday, I was mostly okay, as long as I didn’t try to look at a backlit screen. That made most things okay but writing on the computer wasn’t happening. I did some writing by hand, mostly journal writing and some planning work. I don’t have any idea of the word count. A few pages but they’re unlined pages so my writing size is a bit inconsistent.

Totals this week:

Monday – 747 words non-fiction, the start of a blog post

Tuesday – 759 words fiction – This connects to the story started on Feb 1.

Wednesday – 1060 non-fiction (paid post)

Thursday – 670 words fiction

Friday – 712 words fiction

Saturday – unknown, handwritten, mostly planning and journal writing

Sunday – 1007 fiction

  • 1807 words Total Non-Fiction
  • 3148 words Total Fiction
  • 4955 Total Words

My totals were much lower this week but I’m okay with that. Friday I got my writing session in before the migraine hit. Saturday I was taking care of myself. I managed to write some fiction this morning before going to the aquarium.

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