Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 6, Wednesday Check In

RoW80 – Week 6, Wednesday Check In

Monday: 1542 SGA fanfiction

Tuesday: 1041 non-fiction, dog blog post + 1102 SGA fanfiction

Wednesday: 883 words non-fiction (paid post)

Thursday, my plan is to write the Flash Fiction Friday challenge. I tried on Monday but it turned into SGA smut that fit into my current WIP for that fandom, which wasn’t the intention.

I guess there isn’t much to write about my writing. It happens. I’m getting better at scheduling it and then actually sitting down in the time planned. If my focus is scattered, I use write or die web app. It’s annoying but it helps me ignore distractions and just make the words happen.

I’m still working on the first chapters/week of Directing Your Destiny. Sunday of this week will be two weeks with it but I wanted to establish a little bit. I created a new wake-up routine – meditate for 5 minutes and journal for 10. It’s supposed to be reversed with the meditation 10 minutes followed by journal writing for 5 minutes but I’m much better at writing than meditating. This is helping me start my day in a more deliberate way than just rolling out of bed and starting with whatever.

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4 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 6, Wednesday Check In”

  1. Eden Mabee says:

    Write or Die always frustrated me. I find people who can use and not just feel like giving up incredibly brave. *salutes you*

    Have to say, I giggled a bit when you said your Monday attempt to write for the FFF Challenge “turned into SGA smut”… love it! I might not if that wasn’t what I was trying for and I was in your place, but the way you said this. 😀

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I actually kinda thought it was amusing. Those characters just get so out of control. *sighs* It started as an argument between two nameless people and then one of them hissed in annoyance. Which made me realize that the characters in my head were John and Guide. I could have stopped right there and fixed it but the scene in my head had crystalized as them. It would have been difficult to write something else from that beginning. I decided not to fight it.

      I kinda have a love-hate relationship with write or die. It helps me avoid distractions on the days I can’t find self control and forces me to just write on the days I don’t know how to frame what I want to write. It’s never perfect but I can take “needs improvement” and fix it.

  2. Fallon Brown says:

    Looks like you got a good bit of writing done for the first half of the week.

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I’m pretty happy that the writing every day habit is starting to feel like it is sticking.

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