Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 6, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 6, Sunday Check In

My goals this round: 3500 words per week of fiction + at least 2 posts of non-fiction (either dog blog or paid posts) + writing every day

I’m surprised to notice that non-fiction has been easier a lot of the time. Content, especially paid content, has a clear goal in mind and just needs to get there. When my fiction is flowing well, I can write a lot in a small amount of time. It’s a rush. When the muse isn’t kind, I flounder and struggle and have no idea what to write. That makes the writing time much less productive. Next round, I think that I might need a more concrete goal for my fiction writing.

This week’s totals:

Monday: 1542 SGA fanfiction

Tuesday: 1041 non-fiction, dog blog post + 1102 SGA fanfiction

Wednesday: 883 words non-fiction (paid post)

Thursday: 728 words non-fiction, part of a post + 372 fiction that I hated

Friday: 360 words non-fiction, finishing the post I started Thursday + 415 words for the Flash Fiction Friday prompt

Saturday: 690 words non-fiction (paid post) + 979 words SGA fanfiction

Sunday: 584 words non-fiction (paid post) + 221 slow and painful words fiction

  • 4631 Total Words Fiction
  • 4286 Total Words Non-Fiction
  • 8917 Total Words

My totals are good. They’re meeting my goals this round. I want to crank them higher but I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. I keep reminding myself that this round is about building the habit. I can increase later.

The Flash Fiction Friday prompt this week had mixed results for me. My first attempt turned into human/wraith smut. My second attempt I absolutely hated at a little over 300 words and gave up. A third roll of the die gave me a third prompt. The resulting story was short, only 415 words but I mostly liked it. It is here if anyone is curious.

Today’s fiction was painfully slow. I had one pomodoro-length session set aside for fiction. That’s 25 minutes. If the words are flowing, I can write double what I did today in that length of time. Today the words were fighting me. It wasn’t distraction in my environment. The problem was that what I had planned to write, a section on an original fic, wasn’t really where my head was. There has to be some sort of balance between not having any sort of plan and struggling for half an hour to barely get out 220 words.

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4 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 6, Sunday Check In”

  1. Great job keeping up on the writing! Maybe a range would work well for writing goals? A minimum of 3,000, and an ideal goal of 5,000? Most video games have easy, medium, and hard options, so why shouldn’t these?

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I like the idea of easy/medium/hard options for writing goals as long as I don’t let myself get away with staying on easy unless it’s a really bad week or something.

  2. Eden Mabee says:

    Basing our goals on what we can accomplish when things are going well can be a recipe for disaster… Shannon’s idea gives a good way to counter some of that pressure. Just as long as you don’t keep falling into easy days just because they are easy. It’s not bad to feel a bit challenged here and there.

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      It’s hard to find that sweet spot between too easy and so difficult I feel overwhelmed. I’m going to keep thinking about the easy/medium/hard options and probably build them into next round. I think the easy option is going to need something like a sick note so I don’t get tempted to use it too often.

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