Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 5, Wednesday Check In

RoW80 – Week 5, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 613 words of non-fiction. A dog blog post.

Tuesday – 946 words of paid non-fiction, ghost post

Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 words SGA FanFiction

Overall, while I haven’t written much fiction, I made good progress on non-fiction and earned some money in the first few days of this week. That’s good.

Thursday, I’m planning to do the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from 1/25. The rest of the week, I should be able to concentrate on fiction.

I have been more short on sleep than usual. Stuff keeps interfering with my naps. Polyphasic sleep works great if you can get the naps in regularly but you really need to commit to the naps to make it work. Sometimes life gets in the way. Skipping naps makes me fuzzy headed and as cranky as a toddler. I’m an adult so I try really hard not to take that mood out on people but my thinking is sluggish.

At work this morning, I curled up on the couch to catch 20 minutes on my lunch break. I needed it desperately. I can usually make it through a shift without needing it but tonight was not that night. I was barely focusing before the nap. After those precious minutes of sleep, I was able to complete the writing I planned to do today.

You can check out what others are doing over at the RoW80 blog and the facebook group.

The RoW80 blog asks: “Ever have one of these moments during a “So what happened next?” moment with your characters? What did you do then? Did you write that story, or did you try to make something that you felt fit your audience or your outline better?”

I am very writing focused, not just to write stories or non-fiction articles but for everything. I write or type to improve my memory of something, because writing it and reading it after helps cement it in my head. I’m scatterbrained so that is important. I write outlines in narrative form in a way that is basically very concise telling instead of describing. I never manage to just write bullet points or a timeline. I write lists and notes. I communicate by text or email as a preference. I journal to help me process emotions or make decisions or to keep track of research into any number of things.

So when I wonder what the characters did next, I write about it. Even if it doesn’t seem like it fits with my outline or if I think it won’t matter to my target audience, I still want to know what happens and how can I know if I don’t write it to see how it goes? This is what got me started writing fanfiction but it also translates to original fiction too.

I tend to follow the characters. That doesn’t mean I won’t cut the resulting scene later and try to steer them somewhere else but first, I follow them in the hopes that later, they’ll decide to cooperate. I like to write fast when the muse is being kind and stopping to argue direction with the imaginary people slows down the writing too much. Even if the scene ends up cut, sometimes it helps me learn the characters’ motivations or sparks an idea for something else.

2 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 5, Wednesday Check In”

  1. Lots of great writing getting done. We sound like similar people. I also get cranky anytime I’m woken up before planned and I also write out almost everything so that I can remember it better. At least it’s easy to work with, once one knows ones own preferences. Good luck!

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      Absolutely true that it’s easy to work with whatever preferences once they are known. My sister thinks I fail at adulting because I have a bunch of habits to work around things I tend to do rather than just not doing the problem thing. (For instance, the only card linked to my amazon account is a prepaid debit card. I can’t overspend on books or impulse shopping because I have to load the card.)

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