Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 5, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 5, Sunday Check In

Monday – 613 words non-fiction

Tuesday – 946 words non-fiction (paid ghost post)

Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 SGA fanfic

Thursday – 1030 fiction (Flash Fiction Friday prompt: A Journey); 1285 non-fiction dog blog post

Friday – 302 words SGA fanfic

Saturday – 789 words fiction; It’s either the first scene of an erotic romance short story or a warning about the dangers of pickup play. A woman arrives for an interview and realizes that the person who is interviewing her is the same one who gave her cane stripes at a party over the weekend. Oops.

Sunday – 825 SGA fanfic

Non-fiction Total: 4036 words
Fiction Total: 3262 words
Total Words for the week: 7298

Writing every day is going well. The SGA fanfic is all on the same story in progress, which is better than last week’s writing, which was all over the place.

I seem to be front-loading the non-fiction in my week. I think because some of the non-fiction is paid work, it gets priority over the fiction. I’m really pleased with Thursday’s writing. It was over a thousand words of non-fiction and over a thousand of fiction. The writing itself was separated by many hours and a nap but I sometimes struggle with changing gears so I’m pleased with the results.

This week, I plan to work more on writing both fiction and non-fiction on the same days. I think if I add a bit of fiction to the non-fiction days, I will find it easier to hit my fiction goal of 3500 words a week. I also plan to do the Flash Fiction Friday prompt again this week.

You can find the other check ins at the ROW80 Blog or in the facebook group.

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