Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 3, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 3, Sunday Check In

My writing this week went well except for Friday. I think part of that was being up and running all week and just crashing on Friday. I just didn’t feel like writing and that showed in how little I managed to write in the 25 minutes I forced myself to sit in front of the screen.

Monday – 1399 words fiction

Tuesday – 1394 words non-fiction & 960 words SGA fanfiction

Wednesday – 976 words fiction

Thursday – 1011 words non-fiction – dog blog post

Friday – 232 painfully slow words of SGA fanfiction

Saturday – 952 words fiction (same characters as Monday and Wednesday)

Sunday – 1349 words SGA fanfiction

  • Total Fiction: 5868 fiction (2541 fanfic, 3327 original fic)
  • Total Non-Fiction: 2405 words in 3 posts
  • Total Words this week: 8273 words total

My goals were 3500 words of fiction and 2 non-fiction posts/articles either dog blog or paid work. I exceeded both goals. I hope I can continue along these lines. On the bright side, I wrote every day this week and learning to do that is important to me. Other than Friday, I started with the 25 minutes and kept writing for more than that because I was in the groove.

4 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 3, Sunday Check In”

  1. Eden Mabee says:

    Hitting the groove that often is something to cheer about! WOOT! Even if you did have something of a slow day, slow days happen. In general, you rocked this week.

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      Thank you! I’m super proud of myself but there’s doubt creeping in too. Those words were all spread over several projects. Plus, I’ve had good weeks before but maintaining them long term is the struggle. It might seem weird but I see sitting down to write Friday when I wasn’t feeling it as almost more of a victory than the other higher word count days when things were easy.

  2. Rui Chan says:

    I have to agree with Eden here: you rock!

    And this slow day might be what your brain needed to move even further forward. Keep up the good work!

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:


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