Write to the Limit Uncategorized RoW80 – Week 2, Sunday Check In

RoW80 – Week 2, Sunday Check In

My goals for round one were 3500 words fiction and 2 days of non-fiction, either paid work or on my dog blog. I’m hitting my non-fiction targets fairly easily but I’m not writing as much fiction as I’d like to be. I’ll get there.

Monday – 632 words – Dog Blog Post

Tuesday – 919 words – Fic – Chase Erotica Scene

Wednesday – 800 words – Fic – Roommates, Part 3 – now edited and uploaded to LitE

Thursday – 1457 words – Dog Blog Post

Friday – 567 words – Fic – Hunted and a check in with my accountability partner

Saturday – nothing productive written. It was a bad day. I can write when I’m feeling sad but when I’m so numbed out that can’t seem to care about anything, forcing myself to write is difficult. I did do some personal journal writing.

Sunday – 353 words, non-fiction, intro paragraph and outline for ghost post next week

  • Total fiction: 2286
  • Total non-fiction: 2442
  • Total words for the week: 4728

In the Check In Post this week, they asked: Have you ever questioned your determination to be a writer or author? Has the desire to create worlds and share your stories overruled your doubts or do you still struggle with this? Has becoming a writer taken a greater or lesser place in your life plan?

I often question whether I really want to be an author. Do I really want to deal with the marketing and self-promotion needed to do self-publishing or deal with the pile of rejections for traditional publishing? If the writing is difficult on a given day, I wonder why I do this to myself. If I want to be a published author, even self-published, I need to learn to write regularly. But do I want to be a published author, really, knowing the discipline that goes into it? That urge wavers.

I never really question whether I’m a writer. I have pretty much always written bits and pieces of things for as long as I can remember and it’s not likely to change. I don’t know how to stop creating imaginary worlds and characters for extended periods of time unless I am very deeply depressed. And I want people to read. Comments feed the muse. Posting on LitErotica or the FanFic sites is easier for that than self-publishing but fanfic isn’t entirely mine and Literotica isn’t quite the same.

8 thoughts on “RoW80 – Week 2, Sunday Check In”

  1. Rui Chan says:

    I shared my writings, including a lot of fanfiction, on websites for a while, while thinking I wanted to write a novel one day. I also posted chapters of my novella and poems directly on my former blog for people to read.

    Then I realized there were so many things out there, and people mostly read actual books when it comes to fiction. That’s when I naturally started self-publishing.

    Maybe one day it’ll be similar for you. The only way to know if you’re up to it is probably to try and see, don’t you think? If it’s too much hassle, you’ll just get back to what you’re doing now. ^^

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      It’s true that the fanfic has a limited potential audience. I also really like to create my own worlds and characters instead of trying to fit the story idea within a particular fandom’s tropes. I think I’ll eventually come to a point that trying self-publishing will seem to make more sense than not trying it. There are several courses designed to help self-published authors market the work and increase sales. I’ve been eyeing Erotica Academy. If I can get fiction writing to be a reliable habit, I think I’ll be ready to try publishing.

  2. Fallon Brown says:

    Good job on the words this week!

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:


  3. Eden Mabee says:

    “Comments feed the muse.”

    No truer words! Writing is communication, or at least the opening of a conversation with another (even a journal is a conversation with yourself in some far-off future). There’s something painful to try to connect with another person and be left unheard… or to be unable to speak.

    I don’t know how to answer your question about publishing. I’m there myself. I just hope you find the path that most fulfills you.

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I think the connection factor is why I find fanfic and custom (paid) erotica shorts easier than writing original fiction with an eventual publishing goal. The near-instant gratification of knowing the work is read and appreciated helps me a lot. Even a critique in the harsher side is still someone who read and disliked it enough to comment about it.

  4. Thank you so much for the helpful comment you left on my blog post about productivity and planning. Thanks to you, I’ve discovered a whole new technique!

    I feel sad to hear you had a bad day on Saturday, I relate. I hope these become less and less for you. Your word count totally runs rings around mine, which is awesome. At the moment I have a novel idea forming in my mind and need to spend some time working on it. This one comes from a dream, which is a first for me, but with tweaking, I have something that intrigues me.

    Take very good care of yourself. If you ever need a friendly ear, you’ll find me lurking around online somewhere.

    1. RayofFingSunshine says:

      I’m glad I could point you towards a new planning & productivity technique. I use it in a way modified to fit my needs but I think we all do that with things. I’m very prone to taking what I can use from a system and leaving the rest behind. I think some of those habit tracker designs you posted might work well for me. I’ll experiment.

      Most of my wordcount is pure typing speed. I’m pretty much a pantser so when the words are flowing, I let them. My first drafts need a lot of cleaning up but it’s easier for me to clean stuff up later than to agonize over every phrase. For fiction, I do a few paragraphs of narrative outline and then just write. Or if something comes to me in a rush, sometimes I just get it out and then wonder what it’s for. Is that a stand alone? The start of something? Does that chase erotica scene belong in the paranormal romance I’m writing or is it part of something else? I have a lot of unattached bits sitting around. And I have this one urban fantasy (maybe novel length) that I wrote the beginning, the end, and a few middle scenes and didn’t actually connect anything. My 2018 NaNoWriMo attempt jumped around a lot too.

      I hope your novel idea planning and writing goes smoothly!

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