Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW80 – Week 10, Wednesday Check In

RoW80 – Week 10, Wednesday Check In

I created a partial list of fiction in progress. There are a lot of stories there. Some are probably permanently stalled. Others, I keep writing bits of them sometimes. There are even a few that are no more than outlines. I’m going to try an experiment this month. I’m going to read over that list of unfinished stuff early in my day. If something jumps out at me, I’ll read what I have written so far on that story. I am really hoping that by focusing on works in progress rather than new shiny potential, I’ll be able to write on those things or decide what should go in the abandoned file for now.

This week so far:

  • Monday: 426 SGA fanfiction
  • Tuesday: 306 SGA fanfiction
  • Wednesday: 1060 nonfiction, 557 fiction (TiK)

Sitting and daydreaming is definitely part of how things get started for me. Those quiet moments when nothing else is happening and the inside of my head is close to now, not freaking out about possible disasters or regretting yesterday, are magic. I’m not mindfully in the moment when I’m daydreaming but that’s where it starts. It starts with now and then goes to the magical place of creating. I can find the creating place when I’m freaking out about now or sad or dealing with difficult stuff as long as those things are now. The creating place is inaccessible for me if I’m too far removed from now.

Sometimes, I can spark the creativity into happening by reading things I have written already. If I’m lucky, a new scene will flow from what’s already there. Or it will stay in the back of my head until I need an escapism moment and then my thoughts will, if the muse is kind, go to my own work instead of other fantasy worlds.

I can’t really count on that though. The muse is not always kind and I want the writing to get done. In those cases, I treat it like the non-fiction. What do I need to accomplish with my writing for the day? What is the next scene? Sometimes that writing feels flat to me. It’s not the same. Still, I can always breathe life into it later or let the forced writing spark an idea for a better replacement. Any progress is better than staring at the blank page.

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