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RoW80 – Week 1, Sunday Check In

Goals for this Round of Words in 80 Days:

  • 2 articles or article style blog posts (dog blog or paid work, not this blog) 
  • 3500 words of fiction a week

This Week’s Days:

  • Monday – 253 words of narrative outline
  • Tuesday – Dog-blog post – almost 700 words goals for the year
  • Wednesday – 552 words of narrative outline
  • Thursday – custom erotica PWP (928 words)
  • Friday- almost 4000 words – rebranding
  • Saturday – 500 words non-fiction (part of a blog post), 440 words fiction (on Roommates, part 3 for LitErotica)
  • Sunday/Today – 535 words non-fiction (the rest of the blog post from Saturday), 278 words fiction, the start of the story outlined at the beginning of the week,

Totals: 2 blog posts, a rebranding, and 2451ish (depending on the program) words of fiction.

My personal fiction didn’t have much progress this week but the custom PWP work flowed really well. I think it is so much simpler because the client gave me clear details – physical descriptions, kinks to include, and general scenario. It was basically just a sex scene. That’s easy in comparison to plotting a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

In the coming week, for fiction, I plan to finish (and post or Literotica) the third part of Roommates. Comments feed me as a writer and having a new story up leads to more people checking out my profile, which means some who want custom work may find me. I tried having a Fiverr gig for it but too many people just wanted to turn general discussion for story planning into active sexual talk.

On the non-fiction side, the rebranding draft was fast. Changing tone that way is a lot like an exercise in an English class. One time, our assignment was to go back to a previous assignment and complete it with a completely different tone.

I chose a written analysis of a drabble. The drabble I had picked the first time around was Nicholas Was by Neil Gaiman. My first analysis was fairly academic and neutral as far as whether Nicholas deserved the punishment. The second was a plea for holiday goodwill to free Nicholas from his cruel and unusual punishment. It was fun to write and both fulfilled the assignment in very different ways.

Rebranding is like that for me. It’s a puzzle to find the correct tone and think about what connotations my writing may have to the target audience. I have decided that I’m going to count rebranding as writing time as far as whether I wrote that day but I’m not going to make it a goal because I don’t do a specific amount of them a month. It depends what the marketing firm needs and they’re not huge.

The two blog posts had been outlined in advance as far as keywords and structure and just had to be written. I was going to do the second one on or before Friday so it was delayed more than I planned but it got done.

On the good side of things, I wrote something every day at the scheduled times. I think it’s a good start to the year. I have a writing time scheduled in the early morning and late evening. In both, my minimum goal is 25 minutes but I have time for several hours if I end up on a roll. On 3 days out of 7, I wrote as planned for my first writing session and my second session ended up being journal-type writing. Journalling helps keep my mood balanced so there is some benefit there but I want it to be an extra thing, because it doesn’t really lead to anything.

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