Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In ROW80 R2W1 Sunday Check In

ROW80 R2W1 Sunday Check In

I’ve had my hands full this week with other things and I’m not starting as strong as I’d like but I’m hopeful that I’ll get back in the groove and start doing better over the next few weeks. 


Word Totals

  • Monday: 1267 paid non-fiction
  • Tuesday: 1735 two dog blog posts written & scheduled
  • Wednesday: 430 words fiction
  • Thursday: 1582 words fiction
  • Friday: 373 words fiction
  • Saturday: 1324 words fanfic
  • Sunday: 279 words fiction

3988 Words Fiction Total
3002 Words Non-Fiction Total
6990 Words Total

I almost hit my lowest fiction goal (4000/week) but I don’t think my non-fiction was especially high so I should have planned for more time fiction writing. I don’t want to try to push for hours if I’m only producing 300 words in 25 minutes. That’s painfully slow but I think I can plan to take a break and get back to it a little bit later. I was just so wrapped up in worlds I was reading this week that I couldn’t spare attention for the ones I was creating.

Two Stories

I have the starts of two stories I’m going to try to actually finish this month. I have them outlined and am making small amounts of progress. I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with a 20000 word fiction goal but I haven’t actually been over there to update my progress. My username is Kaendys.

Tied in Knots – MMF erotic romance, I guess. A married couple bring in an old boyfriend of the husband to help them learn shibari. HFN type ending.

Like a Boss – A while back, I wrote this short scene of a woman going into an interview and realizing that the man interviewing her was someone she had played with at a club the previous weekend. I decided to expand it into a story with her actually getting the job and them trying to keep things separate. In real life, it would be a disaster and a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen, right? But this is fiction so I can play around.


Other Goals

Flash Fiction: 0/2 & 0/6 – none this week

Reading: 38 hours, all fiction. Grave Destiny and then a re-read of the earlier books in that series. K.F. Breene – Demigods of San Francisco and the DDVN world.

Learning: No webinar this week. No non-fiction reading. Some demo-style learning about fire-play but I chickened out before the taste test. Maybe another time.

Diet: Two bags of chips from the vending machine at work. 6 days with 2 mindful meals per day and some distracted fruit eating. I pretty much failed at calorie tracking all week but I ate distinct meals and aimed for healthy-ish snacks other than the chips. 1 binge day when everything within reach seemed like fair game.

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