Write to the Limit ROW 80 Check In RoW 80 – Week 7, Wednesday Check In

RoW 80 – Week 7, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 747 words non-fiction, the start of a blog post

Tuesday – 759 words fiction – This connects to the story started on Feb 1.

Wednesday – 1060 non-fiction (paid post)

I have been enjoying my procrastinating this week. I went on a mini amazon buying spree and my to-read list has expanded again. Monday, I put aside my Venom fanfic and read “Mugging the Muse” by Holly Lisle instead. Yesterday and this morning, I started two new books. They’ve been delaying my fiction reading but I’m pretty happy anyway.

The first is “It Came From Beneath the Slush Pile: 20 Kinds of Stupid” also by Holly Lisle. It has 20 short stories by different authors and then a description after each one of why they are not good short stories. Here’s the amazon link; it was free on Monday and I’m so glad that I grabbed it. It is useful information presented in a fun way.

I also started, “Dear Writer, You Need to Quit” by Becca Syme. On deck but not yet started is, “2K to 10K: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love” by Rachel Aaron.

I also discovered a fun website with a random conflict generator: https://storytoolz.com/generator/conflict

We’re schedule for a critter meet and greet at the Denver Aquarium on Sunday. We’re going to meet their Binturong, otherwise known as a Malay Civit Cat or an Asian Bearcat. The description warned that the encounter might not be a good choice for someone who isn’t comfortable with an animal who has no boundaries and the reviews of the encounter describe it as a very interactive experience. I’m excited. I might end up skipping writing much of anything on Sunday though. It will depend how wiped out I after the trip.

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