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RoW80 – Week 7, Sunday Check In

My week went mostly okay. I couldn’t settle into the Flash Fiction Friday prompt so I skipped it. Fiction ended up just over 3000 words, not quite at my 3500 goal. I also didn’t write every day. I’m starting to feel like I need a reason not to write and I like that feeling. It […]

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RoW 80 – Week 7, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 747 words non-fiction, the start of a blog post Tuesday – 759 words fiction – This connects to the story started on Feb 1. Wednesday – 1060 non-fiction (paid post) I have been enjoying my procrastinating this week. I went on a mini amazon buying spree and my to-read list has expanded again. […]

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RoW80 – Week 6, Sunday Check In

My goals this round: 3500 words per week of fiction + at least 2 posts of non-fiction (either dog blog or paid posts) + writing every day I’m surprised to notice that non-fiction has been easier a lot of the time. Content, especially paid content, has a clear goal in mind and just needs to […]

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RoW80 – Week 6, Wednesday Check In

Monday: 1542 SGA fanfiction Tuesday: 1041 non-fiction, dog blog post + 1102 SGA fanfiction Wednesday: 883 words non-fiction (paid post) Thursday, my plan is to write the Flash Fiction Friday challenge. I tried on Monday but it turned into SGA smut that fit into my current WIP for that fandom, which wasn’t the intention. I […]

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RoW80 – Week 5, Sunday Check In

Monday – 613 words non-fiction Tuesday – 946 words non-fiction (paid ghost post) Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 SGA fanfic Thursday – 1030 fiction (Flash Fiction Friday prompt: A Journey); 1285 non-fiction dog blog post Friday – 302 words SGA fanfic Saturday – 789 words fiction; It’s either the first scene of an erotic […]

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RoW80 – Week 5, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 613 words of non-fiction. A dog blog post. Tuesday – 946 words of paid non-fiction, ghost post Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 words SGA FanFiction Overall, while I haven’t written much fiction, I made good progress on non-fiction and earned some money in the first few days of this week. That’s good. […]

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RoW80 – Week 4, Sunday Check In

Good things this week: I wrote every day. I met my fiction word count goal for the week. Needs work: My fiction writing was all over the place. No two days were on the same work in progress. Days:¬† Monday – 212 words non-fiction Tuesday – 1081 non-fiction – paid work Wednesday – 1023 words […]

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RoW80 – Week 3, Sunday Check In

My writing this week went well except for Friday. I think part of that was being up and running all week and just crashing on Friday. I just didn’t feel like writing and that showed in how little I managed to write in the 25 minutes I forced myself to sit in front of the […]

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RoW80 – Week 1, Wednesday Check In

I guess it’s techniclly Thursday but I haven’t started Thursday’s writing yet.¬†Part of the advantage for something like A Round of Words in 80 Days is the check ins and accountability. I’m setup for Friday evening check ins with my accountability buddy. So far this week: 1 dog-blog post of almost 700 words with our […]