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Flash Fiction Friday – Devil’s Bargain

I wasn’t really planning to do the flash fiction challenge this week. I have been seriously lacking in motivation. I thought about it a bit though. It has been cold here. This morning, this story was there. The prompt: In a Blizzard   She stumbled through snow that was knee deep and rapidly getting deeper. […]

Flash Fiction Friday – Lost

This was my third try at one of the prompts. Monday’s attempt was the first prompt, “Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?” It ended up being a bit over 1500 words of argument followed by smut of Stargate Atlantis FanFic. That wasn’t the plan. Oops. Yesterday, I got 300 words into […]

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Flash Fiction Friday – A Journey

I struggled with this a bit. It’s 1030 words and took me 90 minutes. I think I could probably trim it in editing to be under a thousand words. Prompt – For this week, write about a journey. And for bonus points, make it by train.   The winter wind cut whipped my hair around […]

Flash Fiction Friday 1/11/2019

The Flash Fiction Friday prompt this week offered 6 locations and 6 things in a little table. I rolled 2d6 and came up with either a dark lake and a folded sheet of paper or a quiet suburb and onion rings. I probably should have designated which d6 was location and which was the thing […]