Month: February 2019

Row80 – Week 9, Wednesday Check In

Sometimes I wonder if I have hoarder tendencies. I’m a big fan of minimalism in theory but in practice when it comes time to give things up, I struggle with the weirdest things. We live in an RV and the small space living means that I need to be pretty ruthless about decluttering. Somehow, stuff […]

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RoW80 – Week 8, Sunday Check In

Nothing written Monday or Tuesday.  Wednesday was only 150 words.  Thursday, I did some narrative form planning on paper.  Friday I did the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from last Friday on the “In a Blizzard” prompt. It was 994 words and is here: Devil’s Bargain.  Saturday I wrote 664 words of non-fiction, finishing up a […]

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Flash Fiction Friday – Devil’s Bargain

I wasn’t really planning to do the flash fiction challenge this week. I have been seriously lacking in motivation. I thought about it a bit though. It has been cold here. This morning, this story was there. The prompt: In a Blizzard   She stumbled through snow that was knee deep and rapidly getting deeper. […]

RoW80 – Week 7, Sunday Check In

My week went mostly okay. I couldn’t settle into the Flash Fiction Friday prompt so I skipped it. Fiction ended up just over 3000 words, not quite at my 3500 goal. I also didn’t write every day. I’m starting to feel like I need a reason not to write and I like that feeling. It […]

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RoW 80 – Week 7, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 747 words non-fiction, the start of a blog post Tuesday – 759 words fiction – This connects to the story started on Feb 1. Wednesday – 1060 non-fiction (paid post) I have been enjoying my procrastinating this week. I went on a mini amazon buying spree and my to-read list has expanded again. […]

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RoW80 – Week 6, Sunday Check In

My goals this round: 3500 words per week of fiction + at least 2 posts of non-fiction (either dog blog or paid posts) + writing every day I’m surprised to notice that non-fiction has been easier a lot of the time. Content, especially paid content, has a clear goal in mind and just needs to […]

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Flash Fiction Friday – Lost

This was my third try at one of the prompts. Monday’s attempt was the first prompt, “Do you ever think we should just stop doing this?” It ended up being a bit over 1500 words of argument followed by smut of Stargate Atlantis FanFic. That wasn’t the plan. Oops. Yesterday, I got 300 words into […]

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RoW80 – Week 6, Wednesday Check In

Monday: 1542 SGA fanfiction Tuesday: 1041 non-fiction, dog blog post + 1102 SGA fanfiction Wednesday: 883 words non-fiction (paid post) Thursday, my plan is to write the Flash Fiction Friday challenge. I tried on Monday but it turned into SGA smut that fit into my current WIP for that fandom, which wasn’t the intention. I […]

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RoW80 – Week 5, Sunday Check In

Monday – 613 words non-fiction Tuesday – 946 words non-fiction (paid ghost post) Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 SGA fanfic Thursday – 1030 fiction (Flash Fiction Friday prompt: A Journey); 1285 non-fiction dog blog post Friday – 302 words SGA fanfic Saturday – 789 words fiction; It’s either the first scene of an erotic […]

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