Month: January 2019

Flash Fiction Friday – A Journey

I struggled with this a bit. It’s 1030 words and took me 90 minutes. I think I could probably trim it in editing to be under a thousand words. Prompt – For this week, write about a journey. And for bonus points, make it by train.   The winter wind cut whipped my hair around […]

RoW80 – Week 5, Wednesday Check In

Monday – 613 words of non-fiction. A dog blog post. Tuesday – 946 words of paid non-fiction, ghost post Wednesday – 1192 words non-fiction, 316 words SGA FanFiction Overall, while I haven’t written much fiction, I made good progress on non-fiction and earned some money in the first few days of this week. That’s good. […]

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RoW80 – Week 4, Sunday Check In

Good things this week: I wrote every day. I met my fiction word count goal for the week. Needs work: My fiction writing was all over the place. No two days were on the same work in progress. Days:¬† Monday – 212 words non-fiction Tuesday – 1081 non-fiction – paid work Wednesday – 1023 words […]

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RoW80 – Week 3, Sunday Check In

My writing this week went well except for Friday. I think part of that was being up and running all week and just crashing on Friday. I just didn’t feel like writing and that showed in how little I managed to write in the 25 minutes I forced myself to sit in front of the […]

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RoW80 -Week 3, Wednesday Check In

This morning, part 3 of Roommates that I finished and submitted last week went live on LitErotica. There’s an approval process so it doesn’t go up right away. So far, there are 4 loves on the story, a rating of 4.69 in 26 ratings, and two new people following me. No one has commented with […]

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Flash Fiction Friday 1/11/2019

The Flash Fiction Friday prompt this week offered 6 locations and 6 things in a little table. I rolled 2d6 and came up with either a dark lake and a folded sheet of paper or a quiet suburb and onion rings. I probably should have designated which d6 was location and which was the thing […]

RoW80 – Week 2, Sunday Check In

My goals for round one were 3500 words fiction and 2 days of non-fiction, either paid work or on my dog blog. I’m hitting my non-fiction targets fairly easily but I’m not writing as much fiction as I’d like to be. I’ll get there. Monday – 632 words – Dog Blog Post Tuesday – 919 […]

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RoW80 – Week 2, Wednesday Check In

It’s still early days yet but the accountability and social aspect of A Round of Words in 80 Days seems to be helping motivate me to get my writing done. I wish it was all internal motivation but the external peer approval helps a lot. For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, I really recommend […]

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RoW80 – Week 1, Sunday Check In

Goals for this Round of Words in 80 Days: 2 articles or article style blog posts (dog blog or paid work, not this blog)  3500 words of fiction a week This Week’s Days: Monday – 253 words of narrative outline Tuesday – Dog-blog post – almost 700 words goals for the year Wednesday – 552 […]

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RoW80 – Week 1, Wednesday Check In

I guess it’s techniclly Thursday but I haven’t started Thursday’s writing yet.¬†Part of the advantage for something like A Round of Words in 80 Days is the check ins and accountability. I’m setup for Friday evening check ins with my accountability buddy. So far this week: 1 dog-blog post of almost 700 words with our […]